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Welcome To Quantum Energy, Inc.

2505 Anthem Village Drive Suite E-334
Henderson, NV 89052

Quantum Energy, Inc.

Mission & Vision | Leadership

Quantum Energy, Inc. was restructured in 2020 with the focus of developing a U.S. based supply chain for rare earth materials and products.

Real Estate.                Mining.                Minerals.                Processing.                Magnets.

Quantum Energy experience team of professionals have secured the first phase of real estate properties that are currently under development. In the State of Wyoming Quantum has developed rare earth rich real estate, of which includes 160 acres of permitted open-air rare-earth processing facility. Quantum will continue to expand our real estate development efforts across the United States that can produce quantities to profitably produce quality products.

Quantum Energy processing plant in Wyoming recovers rare earth elements from a variety of materials to be produced into high-quality rare-earth salts, oxides, and alloys. Quantum processes their own mined materials, as well as materials sent to them by their customers for processing into salts and oxides.

Processed materials will then continue up the value chain and be manufactured into permanent rare earth magnets. Quantum has secured license to produce proprietary permanent imbalanced magnets for select customers in the United States.

Value. Quality. Customer Service. Three principles that guide the Quantum Energy team in servicing their customers throughout the rare earth value chain. Quantum will continue to grow the product and service offerings, making sure to keep the three guiding principles at the forefront of business growth.


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