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Rare Earth

Rare earth is a term generally used to describe a group of earth metals known as fifteen lanthanoids along with Scandium and Yttruim. Lanthanoids are a group of fifteen elements that are further broken into two categories, light and heavy. Lanthanoids begin on the Periodic Table of Elements at Lanthanum an end at Lutetium. Rare Earth, referring to lanthanoids are truly misnamed as some of the seventeen elements found in the Earth’s crust are as common as copper.

Quantum Energy provides products and services throughout the rare earth supply chain. Mining, processing, distribution, and manufacturing of rare earth magnets.

Rare Earth Lab


Quantum Energy controls rare earth rich real estate for the mining and extraction of rare earths through a variety of different methods. Methods including open pit, drilling, and water extraction mining. Companies interested in pre-processed materials, for hedging or stockpiling should submit a request for more information here. Quantum Energy will store unprocessed raw materials for future use, or process materials into rare earth oxides with proper packaging and storage protocols.


Quantum Energy offers clients a variety of solutions to purchase processed rare earth salts or oxides. Customers can purchase Quantum rare earth salts and oxides directly. View our full list of available rare earth concentrated salts and oxides in our online catalog here.

If a customer has their own supply of rare earth unprocessed materials, Quantum Energy will process your materials at our 160-acre Wyoming processing facility and deliver finished, packaged rare earth oxides or salts based on the customers specifications. Please inquire about our processing services by sending us details on your materials needs by clicking here.


Need help sourcing rare earth oxides and/or salts for your manufacturing process? Quantum Energy has a staff of industry experts to help you source the best value products available. Click here to view our whole line of rare earth ore, unprocessed, concentrates, oxides, salts, and magnets. Utilizing the latest in real-time commodities software, Quantum Energy broker team has access to the latest available resources and can quickly compare and negotiate pricing for our clients. Delivering the highest value product is our number one priority.

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